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Breakfast By The River is part of the Healing Series. 

This series was created in response to a few traumatic events that were taking place in my life in January of 2018. One of these tragic events was a rock climbing accident that put me in the hospital and sent me home in a wheelchair for two months. Exploration of the world has always been my way of escaping my problems and frustrations, so when I wasn't able to explore and I was stuck in a house instead of the great outdoors it was up to my art to keep me sane. All of these pieces somehow represent the natural world that I so much wanted to be exploring. The rocks, sediment  layers, rivers, clouds, the trees and the winds represented in my drawings are just glimpses into my mind and the places I wished to be.



This painting was created in response to a trip that I took four months after my accident. It was with my climbing partner who was with me during the fall. We had connected on a whole new level after that day. We went to Moab, UT because we both really needed to get away and out of the house. It was the first trip that I took and my goal was to go on a hike. I walked one mile that trip and I was so frustrated and excited at the same time. The next morning we spent making breakfast on the Colorado River and basking in the sun with our feet in the river. The mountains in the  background bring me back to the hills and the wash that we walked through that day and the bright yellow is the glow of the sun on my shoulders as we sit by the river. The red and blue lines that weave their way around the painting is different views of the Colorado River as it snakes its way through Moab. The blue on the bottom shows the waves that twist and turn around my swollen ankles as I stand in the sand with the water whirling around my feet.



Full-color art is printed on hahnemuhle photo rag, acid-free paper made specifically for fine art reproductions.




What is a giclee print? Is it really a fine art print? Read more here.

Breakfast By The River - Fine art print - Multiple sizes

PriceFrom $48.00
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