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Travel and adventure are interests to me not only because of the shift in physical body from one place to another but also the shift that takes place mentally when one enters an unfamiliar environment. There is a shift in time that takes place when emerged into a new and adventurous activity, space, or culture. Time feels endless and fragile in the same instant, then almost like a dream when it dwindles down to its final moments. The art that I make is directly affected by this obsession that I have with travel, adventure, and exploration of the world and the need to document my journeys and layers of memory.


This obsession of documenting is shown through the use of maps from different states or countries that I have visited. It is shown through the vein-like trails, rivers, routes, and roads that I have weaved my way around on my journeys. Within these lines in pen and ink are the marks of architecture, nature, and visual references that I remember from that particular journey. Often these images are drawn from photographic references, but many times they are clips or scenes that I visualize within my mind when I reflect back upon the space. Other elements I use in my paintings are aerial views and natural elements like trees, rocks, and bodies of water. The view of the maps, architecture, veins, tree rings, and drawn images creates a skewed sense of place and a feeling that the viewer is looking at the image from multiple points of view. The layers of information indicate time which has shifted with each experience in the space from the moment of inception to the conclusion of a trip. This becomes an experience of organized chaos for one as they view my experience through my mind, but to me it becomes a detailed documentation of my days or weeks in a particular space. It is my journey and my record of travels, climbing trips, road trips, accidents, cultures, and home.

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