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Family Portraits 



Family portraits are always a hard thing to do. Taking the time, making sure the whole family is ready, stressing about clothes, hair, makeup, and all things. With my family portraits I try my best to make it a comfortable space where the kids have time to get to know me and play. After all, we want everyone to have fun during these moments so we get the best photos possible. 

Same goes for weddings, I like the least amount of stress as possible. Getting the family together can be complicated and hard. I am excited to plan what you need and want for your wedding day well before it happens so the stress is minimal and fun is all that is left.


Mini Session

This package is popular with small families and couples that just want a few photos to share with their family and hang in their homes. Also great for some fun instagram shots and marketing. We will meet for 1 hour at a park or a place of your choice and get some great photos together.

-one hour

-at least 10-20 images

-meet at location of your choice (within 30 min) 

-3 people maximum




Family Fun and Portraits

This package is geared for families that are a little larger and want some individual portraits of the kids and family, or just want to spend more time and get more photos. We hang out at a park or place of your choice and get some great candid photos of the kids playing and enjoying life. This session takes 2 hours. This is also the session I schedule for baby photos since the minimum for babies is 2 hour. 

-two hours

-at least 30-40

-meet at location of your choice (within 30 min)

- 5 people maximum





This is the basic wedding package (contact me about more hours or any other things you would like to include . It consists of 4 hours of photos taking during any of the moments in the big day that you want. 

-four hours of photos

-at least 100 -150 images

-travel up to 30 min no cost



Please indicate which package you would like to book. 

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