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Jeju Island, South Korea


Getting to jeju was a little rough, to be honest the whole trip was a little rough! Only because it felt like it went so fast and we were awake for so many hours each day. Day 1 we woke up at 4:15 am to catch our flight. We hit the ground running and rented a car to drive around the island. After that we just kept going to the coast and to the very interesting love land park. We made it to Hallasan volcano to hike up through a beautiful forest in the middle of the island. We then ventured on to our final location for the evening and got a traditional Korean BBQ with pork belly and all the sides. It was my favorite meal yet!

The next morning was another 4:15 am wake up to hike a volcano and see what is known as the best sunrise in South Korea. We wouldn’t know though because the sun never came out, not all day! We made the best of it though as we drove along the coast stopping along the shore to see where the volcanic rock fell off into the ocean. We also stoped for a few waterfalls along the way, at a local market, and to get a burger. The rest of the evening involved a walk along the beach and some card and dice games. And tomorrow… another 4:15am wake up call to catch our flight to vietnam ?? 

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