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South Korea. Seoul


so good to see friends

Seeing familiar faces when you travel is such a wonderful thing, especially when they are friendly faces that you haven’t gotten to see in forever. We stoped in South Korea on our travels because the culture and the area seemed so interesting, but mostly because Dave and Jaeok live there. They picked us up right away from the airport and we began our adventures!  The food of Korea was to die for! The kimchi, bougogi, and a million other things I cannot pronounce, spell, or remember. I’m going to need Jaeok to write them down for me. The first thing we did was go out for some food near their house in Cheong-na International City. We went down by the river and had some amazing food, beer and soju. After that, I was hooked on Korean food. It was so nice to have them there to tell us the best dishes to get. It would have been a much different culinary experience without them. Some of the other foods we ate along the way were basically kabobs with various and yummy meats, lots of kimchi, ramen, kimbob, and my favorite tacoyaki (balls of dough and other things with octopus in the inside originally from Japan) we also had some delicious honey comb beer at one point where to beer actually had a piece of honey comb in it. 


It was nice while we were there because we were able to just sit back and have some local help in things to see. We didn’t necessarily want to do all tourist things while we were there either. We did get to see the queens castle which was beautiful, but was roped by the tour into the queens secret garden. This place was an untouched forest within the complexity of the huge city of Seoul. Right in the middle and you would never know it. There were so many ponds and gazebos and rooms just for the queen. We walked around for about an hour and rejuvenate ourselves.  Another thing we got a view of was the artsy area of South Korea and the university district. Both were incredible in their own way. It was fun being there with Jaeok (an artist) she showed me where she went to school and the best art store I’ve ever been in. Also along our walk I got an official Korean style stamp with my name on it!!  The last thing and probably one of my favorite things that we did was wander around the city on bike. We took our bikes to the subway and rode into Seoul. We road all around to the World Cup stadium and around a massive beautiful park. We road along the Hon River for a while stopping to get some views and check out some cool things. We stopped for honey beer and then we went over the bridge and stumbled upon a food truck festival. It was so great and so hard to decide what to get. Then we enjoyed some food down by the river with good friends. 

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