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Ground 0.0 is part of the Healing Series. 

This series was created in response to a few traumatic events that were taking place in my life in January of 2018. One of these tragic events was a rock climbing accident that put me in the hospital and sent me home in a wheelchair for two months. Exploration of the world has always been my way of escaping my problems and frustrations, so when I wasn't able to explore and I was stuck in a house instead of the great outdoors it was up to my art to keep me sane. All of these pieces somehow represent the natural world that I so much wanted to be exploring. The rocks, sediment  layers, rivers, clouds, the trees and the winds represented in my drawings are just glimpses into my mind and the places I wished to be.



I think everything happens for a reason, though sometimes that reason is very clear and sometimes it is clouded with pain, sorrow, frustration, and healing. On January 23rd 2018, I took a 65 foot fall from the middle of a cliff. I was trad climbing in Calico Basin, just outside of Red Rocks Conservation Area in Nevada. It was a fall that changed my life and my future.  I was evacuated out of the climbing area with injuries that consisted of a broken ankle, a shattered heel, fractured vertebrae, and broken pelvis. I was lucky to have lived and had such amazing people in my life take care of me and help me through the recovery. It was an incredible experience that taught me a lot about life and the need to keep going strong. It was also hard to be stuck in a bed for the majority of the next three months healing and not exploring.

The painting I did is Ground 0.00. It reflects the area that I fell, focusing the concentric circles on the area of impact and the roads and topo lines that enhance the beauty of the land. The colors reflect the area which is such a beautiful red and deep yellow that stick out so strongly against the blue sky of the desert.



Full-color art is printed on hahnemuhle photo rag, acid-free paper made specifically for fine art reproductions.




What is a giclee print? Is it really a fine art print? Read more here.

Ground 0.0 - Fine art print - Multiple sizes

PriceFrom $48.00
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