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Missing home is part of the Travel Series. 

The Travel Series is in response to trips that I have taken. Everyone remembers different pieces of a memory through all different senses. Sometimes memories come back to me through smell, or a certain feel of the air or feel of my body. Most of the time my memory is triggered by visual pieces from a trip that pop up in my head. These are the pieces that I focus on in my paintings. It could be the mountains, the trees, the structures of the buildings or houses. Sometimes it is the way that the shadows hit the ground. To others this becomes an artistic chaotic structure, but to me it is a visual journal of the places that I have been and the things that I have discovered.




During my recovery I worked on this piece because I was missing home so much. I missed the woods behind my house, my climbing tree, watching movies with my parents, the smell of my old house where I grew up, and the love of my whole family. I wanted it here in Colorado; I wanted those sensations.  

The painting that you see shows my home, the Grand River in red as it snakes its way around the image, and the thin lines lead you to a corner on Leonard Road where my house sits. The circles are the trees and rocks that are on the 40 acres of land in which my house sits upon and the lines that curve around represent where my whole family lives.



Full-color art is printed on hahnemuhle photo rag, acid-free paper made specifically for fine art reproductions.




What is a giclee print? Is it really a fine art print? Read more here.

Missing Home - Fine art print - Multiple sizes

PriceFrom $48.00
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