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Resin and wood earrings are created in several steps to achieve a clear and beautiful wood grain finish. Usually by the end of a batch I have several beautiful pieces and no fingertips from all the sanding. To give you an idea of the process of my work Ive listed some of the steps that I take to create each individualized necklace and earring piece .


The first step in these earrings is finding wood from my adventures either overseas in the forests of Myanmar, Patagonia, or China to the foothills of colorado and my favorite climbing and hiking places like Eldo and Boulder Canyon, Shelf Rd.  and Tensleep Wy. 


After finding the perfect pieces of wood I slice them thin into small slivers that will be put into large molds with resin that is tinted or clear. 


24 hour later I am able to design each and every individual piece in the shape that I want. I cut them apart with a ban saw and sand them down on each side to expose the wood on the top and the sides. 


After the initial sanding I will take each piece down step by step throught 8 different levels of self sanding followed by a polish and a cleaning. Then comes the earring wires. 


The next steps come when its time to show you what Ive created. I stage and photograph each piece followed by posting them on IG and my website to make them available to you. 




resin and wood earrings white with wood from Laos

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